9 mars 2011

Barndikter om Alopecia

A poem by Brianna age 10

I have alopecia areata and it is not cancer.
When I found out I was healthy
it was the happiest answer.

I cried at first , knowing that I would have no hair.
Shortly after Christmas by head was completely bare.
No matter what I do, no matter what I say,
my hair might never grow back, all I can do is pray.

I know I look different to many of you,
But thank god for my friends,
they know just what to do.

I am just like you. your average preteen.
I like to have fun and check out the scene.
I may not have hair, but that is ok.
I am true to my friends every day.

Hair doesn't matter, it's the person inside,
I am me, there is no longer a need to hide.

Alopecia Areata by Rikki age 10

One morning waking up in my bed
To find that there was something not on my head

My hair was falling out, I was so appalled

I ran downstairs to tell my dad
He looked suprised and kind of sad

My dad brought me to the doctors quick
The doctor told me it might not be able to be fixed

I was happy to know it was not serious
Even though I was still a little delirious

We met a nice woman who had it too
She said "I could make a wig for you"

I lit up with joy and bliss
I wanted to give her a big giant kiss!

Now I'm happy to know that this is me
This is who I am and who I want to be.

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